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Optima Bank & Trust is always committed to keeping your personal information safe. Optima Guardian is a free fraud monitoring service offered by Optima Bank & Trust. The Optima Guardian service provides you with:

• An added layer of debit card monitoring where you are in control to help identify suspicious activity
• Text alerts that come directly to you on your cell phone
• If fraudulent activity is detected – you can respond to the text and you will be contacted by our Fraud Center for further review
• Ability to cancel alerts at anytime by replying “STOP”

If you elect to enroll in the service, you will receive text messages alerting you to the following activity on your card:

• International transactions
• Any transaction over $200
• Five or more transactions in a 24-hour period
• Card not present transactions such as phone or web purchases
• Declined authorizations

After receiving an alert:

If the transactions are unauthorized, you will be given the option to respond to the text message with a code.

If the transactions are authorized, no response is required.

Click here to enroll today.

 Optima Guardian Text Alerts
How do I enroll?You may enroll by by clicking here and completing the registration process.
What types of messages will I receive?Text messages. (Data charges may apply)
Reasons for alertsOptima Guardian Alerts will be sent to you via text message for any transaction(s) listed above.
Message contentText messages begins with OPTMA and are sent from short code 27576
When will I receive alerts?Texts messages will be sent any time that your do not disturb feature is not active.

• Message and data rates may apply
You may discontinue the receipt of Alerts immediately by texting the word STOP in reply to your Optima Guardian alert. You may also text the word STOP to 27576
Once enrolled you will receive an alert message every 30 days reminding you that you are enrolled in Optima Guardian alerts
For further assistance with Optima Guardian alerts you may text HELP in response to an alert message. Or, you may call (888) 868-8611

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