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Our Staff

Optima Bank & Trust has a talented (and growing) staff of banking professionals who are committed to the highest level of customer service.

Portsmouth Branch

Photo of Deborah Moore Deborah Moore
Vice President, Branch Manager
Photo of Martha Clyde Martha Clyde
Assistant Branch Manager
Photo of Alicia Rowe-Vicente Alicia Rowe-Vicente
Private Banker
Photo of Erin Cyr Erin Cyr
Private Banker

Pease Tradeport Branch

Photo of Erica Candage Erica Candage
Assistant Vice President, Branch Manager
Photo of Catherine Dawson Catherine Dawson
Assistant Branch Manager
Photo of Justin Lamoureaux Justin Lamoureaux
Private Banker

North Hampton Branch

Photo of Karen Andronaco Karen Andronaco
Assistant Vice President, Branch Manager
Photo of Wayland Luter Wayland Luter
Assistant Branch Manager
Photo of Michaela Clancy Michaela Clancy
Private Banker
Photo of Rachel Yassanye Rachel Yassanye
Assistant Branch Manager
Photo of Leah Anders Leah Anders
Mortgage Loan Originator

Stratham Branch

Photo of Rachael Ela Rachael Ela
Vice President, Branch Manager
Photo of Chris Higgins Chris Higgins
Assistant Branch Manager
Photo of Badrunessa (Buddy) Hampson Badrunessa (Buddy) Hampson
Assistant Branch Manager

Bedford Branch

Photo of Christopher Blais Christopher Blais
Assistant Vice President, Branch Manager
Photo of Amra Karic Amra Karic
Assistant Branch Manager
Photo of Scott Lefebvre Scott Lefebvre
Senior Private Banker
Photo of Nicole Scarneo Nicole Scarneo
Senior Private Banker

Commercial Lending

Photo of Jerry Bazata Jerry Bazata
Senior Vice President, Senior Commercial Loan Officer
Photo of Joseph Horvath Joseph Horvath
Vice President, Commercial Loan Officer
Photo of Michael Simoneau Michael Simoneau
Vice President, Commercial Loan Officer
Photo of Adam Johnston Adam Johnston
Vice President, Commerical Loan Officer
Photo of Karen Keating Karen Keating
Vice President, Commercial Loan Officer
Photo of Tammy Moschella Tammy Moschella
Portfolio Manager

Residential Lending

Photo of Robert Gagnon Robert Gagnon
Senior Vice President, Mortgage Lending & Business Development
Photo of Elaine Charles Elaine Charles
Vice President, Senior Mortgage Loan Officer
Photo of John Frates John Frates
Mortage Loan Originator
Photo of Kelly Greeke Kelly Greeke
Mortgage Lending Assistant
Photo of Amy Kamensky Amy Kamensky
Mortgage Originator

Loan Administration

Photo of Tamantha Hardy Tamantha Hardy
Vice President, Loan Administration
Photo of Melanie Choquette Melanie Choquette
Mortgage Loan Processor & Closer
Photo of Janice Asamoa Janice Asamoa
Commercial Loan Supervisor
Photo of Jamie Price Jamie Price
Loan Operations Specialist
Photo of Thomas Kressler Thomas Kressler
Commercial Loan Assistant
Photo of Melanie Kent Melanie Kent
Document Imaging Specialist
Photo of Anna Prescott Anna Prescott
Commercial Loan Coordinator
Photo of George Schofield George Schofield
Mortgage Loan Processor & Closer
Photo of Sharla Bourassa Sharla Bourassa
Mortgage Post-Closing Specialist


Photo of Joyce Holland Joyce Holland
Vice President, Senior Credit Officer
Photo of Kricket Hooper Kricket Hooper
Senior Commercial Credit Analyst
Photo of Elaine Walker Elaine Walker
Credit Analyst
Photo of Brian Hess Brian Hess
Commercial Credit Analyst - Loan Review Specialist
Photo of Cheryl Preston Cheryl Preston
Vice President, Residential Mortgage Underwriting Manager
Photo of Barbara Pitcher Barbara Pitcher
Senior Mortgage Underwriter
Photo of Kyle Berlin Kyle Berlin
Mortgage Underwriter
Photo of Tami Gilmartin Tami Gilmartin
Credit Administration Specialist
Photo of Angela Bouchard Angela Bouchard
Mortgage Loan Underwriter I

Operations & Information Technology

Photo of Kelley McCoy Kelley McCoy
Senior Vice President, Operations
Photo of Arthur Balomenos Arthur Balomenos
Assistant Vice President, Operations Officer and Assistant Compliance Officer
Photo of Mark Couture, AAP Mark Couture, AAP
Operations Manager
Photo of Trishia Higgins Trishia Higgins
Senior Operations Specialist
Photo of Wendy Meneely Wendy Meneely
Operations Assistant
Photo of Robert Tucker Robert Tucker
Vice President Technology & Sr. Systems Engineer
Photo of Michael Gauthier Michael Gauthier
Systems Administrator
Photo of Nick Zis Nick Zis
Operations Specialist


Photo of Connie Mere Connie Mere
Vice President, Risk Management & Compliance
Photo of Kimberly Roy Kimberly Roy
Compliance Specialist
Photo of Natalia Beaulieu Natalia Beaulieu
Compliance Specialist


Photo of Karen Kindle Karen Kindle
Senior Vice President, Retail
Photo of Jennifer Kilgore Jennifer Kilgore
Retail Support Manager
Photo of Sonya Merritt Sonya Merritt
Vice President, Human Resources
Photo of Gemma Waite Gemma Waite
Vice President, Marketing & Community Relations
Photo of Katherine A. LaFevers Katherine A. LaFevers
Assistant Vice President & Executive Assistant
Photo of Alysa Southall Alysa Southall
Human Resources Assistant


Photo of Tricia Bertone Tricia Bertone
Vice President, Controller
Photo of Sara Lauter Sara Lauter
Staff Accountant
Photo of Allen O'Brien Allen O'Brien
Senior Staff Accountant & Financial Analyst
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