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Account Login

Online Banking

Customer Access

Customers must sign an Online Banking Application and accept electronically the bankís Online Banking Services Agreement before accessing the bankís Internet banking website for the first time. If the customer is unable to print the agreement, the bank will mail a copy.

Secure Login

Optima Bank & Trust utilizes multi-factor authentication for customers accessing their online banking. When setting up or updating your account, you will be required to provide or update personal security questions to help authenticate your online banking ID and password. You also will have to select your own personal watermark from an image library. Once you have chosen that watermark, please verify each time you log in that the image on the left of your log-in page is the one you selected as your watermark.

Remember we will never request personal information by email. You should not validate or confirm any personal information, including PIN, password, account or card numbers, by responding to an email or opening an email attachment. Please contact Optima Bank immediately at 603-433-9600 if you receive such an inquiry.

Automated Time Out

A time out feature is used on our website to provide additional protection. This means you will be logged off automatically after a period of inactivity. Re-establishing and authenticating your credentials help reduce unauthorized access to your account(s).


We use firewalls to protect data stored on our systems and to prevent unauthorized access. Firewalls are software and hardware products designed to control and limit access to a website, network or computer system.


Encryption transforms data into an unreadable format. It is Optima Bankís policy to always use encryption when transmitting sensitive or critical data, such as confidential customer information, over public networks like the Internet.

Security Requires Diligence

At Optima Bank, we take security seriously. It is the responsibility of every employee to keep our customersí information secure. But itís important to note that even the best security measures will only prevent fraud if our customers also are vigilant about protecting your information.

For additional information

To find out more about online security and protecting your computer, visit the Federal Trade Commissionís site at www.onguardonline.gov or the Federal Trade Commissionís Identity Theft Site at www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/microsites/idtheft