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OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug Information
Due to the recent news of the OpenSSL issue we want to assure our customers that your information is safe and secure and no action on your part is necessary. We have completed an assessment of our installations and verified that no system was affected.

At Optima Bank & Trust, we recognize the importance of providing our customers with secure online banking that protects their confidential information. To safeguard your personal information, we consistently upgrade the security of your online banking account(s), while also using industry-accepted security tools, such as firewalls and encryption.

Recently we enhanced the security of your account by providing additional safeguards for the system to validate your identity when you are accessing your account. In addition to a password, you will be required to select your own personal watermark and to update your security questions.

Any time you log in after you have updated your account, please verify that the image on the left of the log-in page is the one you selected as your watermark.

As always, we appreciate your assistance in our ongoing effort to continue to offer online banking that is as secure as possible.

Working together will help us further protect your information.