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Mobile Banking

Optima Bank offers our customers many ways to access their accounts, including mobile banking.

To start up with mobile banking, you must complete an Online Banking Application and agree electronically to the bank's Online Banking Services Agreement. If you have already completed the application and agreed to the bank's Online Banking Services Agreement to access the bank's Internet banking website, you will need only to download free of charge the Optima Bank & Trust Mobile Banking or Optima Deposit applications from the iTunes App Store or Android Market. For users of Microsoft cellphones or BlackBerrys, please access the application through the following URL, https://www.airteller.com/optimabank

To keep your information secure

Optima Bank extends the same security standards we employ to keep online banking secure to our mobile banking application.

In addition, your mobile banking session automatically ends when you exit the application and will automatically time out.

Username and password

You will have a unique username and password to confirm your identity and ensure the privacy of each mobile banking session. You should also see your security image on the screen.

Each mobile banking session begins only after you establish your identity.

Other security measures depend on you

To protect yourself, please don't share your password with others. It also is important to memorize your password and not keep it stored or written anywhere.

Be as unique as possible in choosing a password. Passwords are best if they don't incorporate names, phone numbers, addresses and the like.

Do not leave your mobile device unattended, especially when using the mobile banking application or any other mobile activity.


If you have any questions about our mobile banking, please contact us at 603-433-9600.