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Optima Advantages

Visa® Debit Card

  • No monthly, transaction, or ATM fees regardless of ATM or Network.
  • Checking, Money Market or HSA required for VISA® Debit Card services.
  • ATM withdrawal limit $500 per business day.
  • Point-Of-Sale transactions withdrawal limit $5,000 per business day.

Mobile, Online and Text Banking

  • Free 24 hour access to your account with smartphone or online computer.
  • View current interest rates, account information and check images online.
  • Transfer funds and make loan payments online or via smartphone.
  • Place stop payments and order checks online.
  • Receive emails when important events happen within your account.
  • Deposit checks using your smartphone.

Online and Mobile Bill Pay

  • Checking, Money Market or HSA required for Online Bill Pay services.
  • Free Online and Mobile Bill Pay.
  • Downloadable to Microsoft Money®, Intuit Quicken® and QuickBooks® files.
  • Overdraft protection available.

Online InterBank Transfer

  • Free Interbank transfers.
  • Transfer funds from and to another financial institution.

Commercial Services

  • Online Deposit and Remote Deposit and Scanning of Checks Available.
  • Lockbox.
  • Repurchase Agreement.
  • Account Reconciliation.
  • ACH & Domestic Wire Transfer Origination.

Merchant Services

  • Payment Processing Solutions for your business.
  • Credit and Debit Cards.
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion.
  • Point-Of-Sale solutions.
  • Payroll Processing.

Sweep Transfer

  • Maintenance Transfers: Maintain a specific account balance at all times.
  • Insufficient Funds Transfers: Protect account from overdrafts.
  • $10 fee per Sweep Transfer.

Automatic Transfer

  • Periodic Transfers: Transfer a specific amount on a specific date.
  • Make recurring loan or bill payments.


Night Depository

  • Night Depository available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Deposits held in secure vault and credited on the next business day.

Safe Deposit Box

  • Checking Account required to lease Safe Deposit Box.
  • Various available sizes and annual rentals.
  • Annual rent payment automatically transferred from checking account.
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